Catherine Gan

Founder of EduWorld™

Catherine believes that, “Holistic in Personal Growth is more important than Academic”. Everyone has their own potential, parents should concern, observe, communicate with their kids to excavate their potential and be a role model of them. A kid’s leadership, positive attitude and character couldn’t prove from examination’s result. it is unfair to judge a kid;s ability by results.

EduWorld™ Centre believes that education system, materialistic lifestyle, globalisation cause youngster nowadays couldn’t overcome the challenges or pressure in society. Therefore, EduWorld Centre encourages youngster to explore and expose themselves to become independent, confident, appreciation etc to survive in this challenging society.

EduWorld™ 创办人

钰洁老师认为“绩效重要,全方位思维成长更重要” 。每个孩子都有本身的潜能,家长平时要多观察孩子,多与孩子沟通,从中发掘孩子们的潜能和人的态度,不可以考试或分数来代表孩子是否有领袖才能,是否有礼貌和懂得尊重别人。或拥有团体精神及感恩之心等,这些都无法单靠笔试测验出来的,这也对孩子不公平。


Our Vision & Mission


To be the leader in Holistic Education as a multicultural and diversified learning community in modeling a highly knowledgeable achievement in the society with nobly humanistic education.


  • To cultivate kids & teens towards becoming outstanding leaders in future generations.
  • To spread Holistic Education to parents or educators in collaboration with providing a safe and supportive environment.
  • To cultivate passionate partners in education field.





  • 培养少儿少青成为未来世纪最优秀杰出的领袖。
  • 栽培热心教育的团队,与教育中心配合一起努力推广全人教育。
  • 提升家长对全人教育的认识并合作为下一代建立快乐,和谐与光明的未来。